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Welcome to the world of products that protect the environment that increases energy efficiency with highly precise measurement and control technology and enhance people's quality of life !

As a matter of fact, intelligent use of energy is one of the focus problems of our time, but it is no longer necessary to produce products that use more economical methods and contribute to the improvement of the global CO2 balance! DDCTech, which has global responsibility for energy saving, is now on the Turkish market to offer products that you can look at peacefully for generations to come. With engineers and future planners, we continually improve our innovative measurement and control technology products in Germany with sustainable energy management.

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you can create Template preparation page, You can create Cabling and field equipment list, You can edit physical connection preparation page, Turkish Display Design ... DDC tech Programming Tool Download >






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Template preparation page Download >

Creating cabling and field equipment list Download >

Physical link preparation page Download >

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GSM Modem! Totally 30 different numbers can be informed under three groups.

Direct connection to control devices over the Internet

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DDC Net Cloud Screen Monitoring

DDC Net Cloud Graphical Monitoring

Scada, Monitoring, Control, Set Value Setting

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